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Hello, I'm MetalRenard, a peace loving and passionate musician, composer and producer from the UK. I love music for so many reasons, mainly because of its ability to sooth the heart and mind of almost any ill. I write music that I want to hear which means I often write songs that don't fall into a genre although I dabble in many including hard rock, orchestral "soundtrack" and electronica. I enjoy writing music for projects such as games and videos and have done so many times already.

I see music as a challenge and an adventure. I want to discover every aspect for myself, in my own way so that everything I learn may take on a deeper meaning. I live and breathe the music I create and am proud of what I have accomplished and helped others accomplish.

Please, get in touch if you wish to have a chat, I'm a friendly guy and always willing to help if I can.


Hard Rock


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Examples of Work


Music and sound effects.

Lamm is a charming 2D puzzle platformer by the French developer LeoGames. You navigate the world's levels by collecting powerups which give you the ability to jump, but only a set number of times! Plan your jumps carefully if you want to beat the level.
My music was not used in the old trailer but feel free to take a peek!



Music Composer and Audio Consultant

Delura, an animated sci-fi space opera by Tanedrine Studios. Its excellent characterisation and beautiful animation make this series stand out. Animated by Ryan Roye and voiced by an incredible team of voice actors, this webseries will capture your heart.
To see more, visit their Youtube Channel.

Testimonial by Ryan Roye: "MetalRenard has been invaluable for his work on the Delura webseries. [...] I highly recommend MetalRenard for any project that needs a real boost in the audio department (like mine did!)."

Youtube 2013


Only Shadows Touch, my first album

An incredible adventure through a world full of happiness and sorrow, every song is a story, every voice a unique perspective.
This album is about discovering yourself through music, exploring the heights and depths of human existence from space travel to corrupt governments while trying to understand what holds it all together.

While some of the songs take on a light hearted approach to their subject, as a whole, the album tries to plant something in your mind, hopefully something that will help change us all for the better.

Special thanks to David Hurst for his continued help in my music, to Walid and Fredrik for extra effort put into providing helpful feedback in the mixing and production of the album and to Remi for his excellent work on the album art - the original is an incredible to-scale drawing!


Release date: 13 April 2013
Sam S, aka MetalRenard
  • Music composition and performance (all tracks)
  • Album editing, mixing and mastering, project organisation
  • Lyrics & vocals "Vagrant Soul" & "Chaos Confined"
  • Lyrics "Assassination of the Indiscriminate Mind" & "To The Armory"
Walid Feghali
  • Lyrics & vocal performance "To The Armory"
Chris Scheer, aka Torn
  • Lyrics & vocals "Burden of Dreams", "Last Day Alive"
  • Vocals "Assassination of the Indiscriminate Mind"
  • Lyrics "Chaos Confined"
Fredrik Park
  • Lyrics, vocal performance & editing "Whispers in the Air"
Arnold J. Alias
  • Vocals "Chaos Confined"
Zsolt Gulyás
  • Cello "Last Day Alive".
Remi Gemelli
  • Album Art


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